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What Is Internet Access Fee?

20 June 2012 by CreditCardsCo™

Debit cards are very convenient. They work just like credit cards, but they access money that you already have instead of leveraging money that you don't. While this means you don't have to pay interest, there is a set of fees, like the internet access fee, that you could pay when you use your card.

The internet access fee is one of many possible fees that you could pay if you use a debit card. Debit cards have many fees because companies that issue them do not make any money on interest rates like they do with credit cards. Fees vary between cards and companies.

In terms of function, a debit is one of the most convenient things you could carry with you. They act like credit cards, but they lack the interest rates and many of the fees associated with traditional cards, which mean they usually save you money without sacrificing convenience.

When you take out a debit card, you probably don't think about all of the fees that could be associated with using it. Indeed, you may be distracted by the fact that you do not have to pay interest rates or that you can access money in your checking account without having to write a check. However it is very important to understand that there are many different fees that a debit company could charge in order to make up for some of the revenue lost by their lack of an interest rate.

Possible Fees

A debit card can carry many fees. These include:

  • Processing fee / Application fee
  • Activation fee
  • PIN fee
  • Internet Access fee
  • Signature fee
  • Annual fee

You may recognize many of these potential fees because they are similar to what you might find during a credit application process. However, you might not be aware that debit and check card companies can also charge you additional fees because of the way transactions work.

Pin And Signature Transaction Fee

Depending on the merchant and the type of card you are using, you may also be required to pay an additional fee at the register when you use your debit or check card. This is because the or lender provides the equipment necessary to properly process your card and they will charge a percentage of the transaction every time a merchant tries to use the system. This is why you might be charged a few extra cents to use your card at the pump or why there may be a minimum debit card purchase at a convenient store. The minimum purchase amount is required so the merchant can afford to pay the fee, otherwise they would have to charge you every time you bought something.

Internet Access Fee

The internet access fee is similar to the other transaction fees in that you may be charged a fee to use your debit or check card to make online purchases. It is similar to the signature and pin transaction fees in that the internet fee is also a fee that is charged to the merchant who passes it onto you, the customer. Again, it may be true that not every purchase will warrant an internet access fee, but it is also something that may not be required at every online point of sale that you encounter.


If you wish to use a debit or check card to make online purchases, you should simply be aware that you might be charged an internet access fee. It is usually not very substantial, much like other processing fees, but it is something that you need to remember so you aren't surprised by it later.

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