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Chase Freedom Visa Card with $100 Cash Back Review

1 December 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Credit cards can all seem the same on the surface but every card boasts its own rewards programs. Depending on your needs, some cards may be better suited to your needs and thereby a better choice of card to carry. Consider the Chase Freedom Visa card with the $100 cash return incentive.

Taking Advantage of the Chase Freedom Visa Card

The Chase Freedom Visa card is currently offering a $100 cash return incentive for cardholders. Who couldn't use the extra money? New applicants are eligible to receive a $100 credit on their account when they are approved for the Freedom Visa card. There is a minimum purchase amount you need to charge within a certain amount of time to receive this credit. You can use the $100 dollars to help with the charges on your card if you'd like. You will need to have a good credit history to get these rewards.

Are you ready to add some Freedom to your financial life? The Chase Freedom Visa Card can offer you just that -- Freedom. Other cards offer a similar incentive except that the required purchase amount makes the rewards not as tangible for some consumers. Some cards are known to require a huge amount during the new account status period. Compared to higher amounts, it's easy to be comfortable with requirements that don't even total a fraction of that.

All purchases made are also going to make the card holder eligible to get cash back every month. Freedom card carriers have the option of getting cash back on various categories. They will rotate on a monthly basis. These categories include things that we all need and buy on a regular basis. Automobile rentals, air fare, gasoline, and even overnight stays in hotels are eligible for a rewards return. It's just like getting paid to buy the things you need. Other categories include:

  • Department Stores
  • Food Shopping
  • Online Shopping

Freedom from Annual Fees

With the Chase Freedom Visa Credit Card, new cardholders don't have to worry about a charge for a yearly fee. This is a free offer that is standard on the Chase visa card and you will get the $100 cash return at no cost to you. This attractive offer comes at no risk to the potential new account holder.

Avoid Extra Charges

As is the case with any line of credit, you can avoid extra charges and fees by keeping an accurate account of all financial transactions. Then, you can commit to paying the amount off in full before any interest comes into play. To do this, you should be aware of when your grace period begins. Submit your payment to the credit card company before the grace period begins and the interest on the money you used for credit will not apply to the balance. Early payments and zero balances reflect the best with creditors and bank with credit card users. This proves that you are financially responsible.

Avoid Late Fees

Educate yourself about the penalties associated with the new credit card. You can expect to experience some increases in APR rates when you have late fee accrual, cash advances, and similar transactions. You can avoid late fees with convenient features like automatic bill pay.

With automatic bill pay, you don't ever have to worry about a payment not being received in the mail or being stamped a day too late. You can set up payment using your bank account so the amount is taken directly from your account in the same amount at the same time every month. When you avoid having to pay late fees you can save money and every little bit helps.

Also, paying your credit card bill on time each month places you in good standing with your creditors. These creditors will report your diligence and good standing to credit agencies. This in turn will help make things easier for you to purchase items that are contingent upon good credit scores.


The Chase Freedom Visa Card is an option to help you satisfy your credit needs while giving you an incentive to be a card holder. Chase shows appreciation to the account holders with their incentives and discount in various categories on a consistent basis.

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