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Why The USAA Checking Debit Card Is A Good Idea

April 15, 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

You need a card you can rely on, which is why the USAA Checking Debit Visa Card should be in your wallet. When you open a free checking account, you are given a checking debit card that can be used all over the country, online and at ATM machines.

Deposit Your Money Easily

There are several ways in which you can deposit money with the checking debit card. One of the easiest ways is to sign up for direct deposit with your employer. This means no trips to the bank and no waiting on your money. Often, employers pay a day or two early with direct deposit, so you don't have to wait until a paper check is placed in your hand.

There are also UPS stores nationwide where you can go in and deposit your check. With over 2,000 across the country, one will be near you.

Another option is to use Deposit@Home or Deposit@Mobile, where you use your smartphone or scanner and computer to upload photos of the front and back of the check to the internet. Your account is then credited once the check information has been verified.

Access Your Money Everywhere

Accessing the money in your checking account is also very easy with the debit card. You can use your card at any ATM nationwide. There are never any bank fees. If you are ever charged bank fees, they will be reimbursed so you don't have to pay for them.

Any store that accepts debit cards will accept your card. This makes it easy to visit gas stations at the pump, go to grocery stores and many other stores. You can buy what you need with ease. There's never the need to write checks or have cash in your wallet when you have the debit card in hand. As long as the money is in your account, you can buy what you need at any time.

When you need to know about your account balance, you have mobile banking options. This includes a mobile app as well as online access. When you can log in from anywhere, you always know the standing of your account. This means being able to check your balance, recent purchases, download statements and more.

Manage Your Money Effectively

Managing your money is simple with the checking debit card. You can use the card when and where it's convenient for you so you never have to guess about how you will pay for things. You have many ways of loading money on the card so you can always have funds, too. This will make it easier to spend your money as necessary.

Additionally, with the ability to get up to date account details on your mobile phone, the internet and by calling customer service, you always know about your balance and the latest activity on your card. If you know what your balance is, you will be less likely to spend more than what is in your account, causing you to go into the negative. With many ways to put the money on your card, so you should never have to worry about insufficient funds.

There is a level of fraud protection offered with banking with USAA. This ensures that your information is always guarded to prevent identity theft or any kind of credit fraud. Your account is always being monitored and all activity is being registered. If you spend in two cities simultaneously or your account shows any other unusual activity it will be red-flagged and you will be required to confirm the activity.

If you ever lose your card or it is stolen from you, contact the bank immediately. A new debit number will be issued to you immediately to prevent any unauthorized charges from draining your account. Additionally, a new card can be sent out to you quickly so you can continue making purchases everywhere without being inconvenienced in any way.


Managing money is easier with the USAA checking debit card linked to your account. Everything can be done online to set the account up and the card will be shipped out to you quickly. You can then access your money and spend easier than ever.

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