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Aquarius Credit Card

26 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Aquarius credit card
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What an Aquarius credit card might look and feel like? Aquarius personality and a credit card features.

Zodiac: Aquarius The Water Carrier
Symbol: Air
Planet: Uranus
Date: January 20 - February 18
AquariusCard Main Feature: Pay It Forward

The Aquarian will feel compelled to have this card close at hand for any humanitarian emergency. Since some of the core traits of the Aquarian include being a humanitarian - along with being inventive, clever, and original - simply owning the credit card will bring about some good will, as it comes attached to the "PayItForward Club." With this feature, the card owner can choose a ZIP code's residents to designate for receipt of a reduction in tremendously high credit card interest rates.

Unique & Different

The card itself evokes the feeling of the Aquarian astrological sign: it is a bright, blue in color and has a background of waves shaded in aqua. Since Aquarius is one of the chief water signs, this design is ideal to evoke the essence of the wide open water. Its a unique and clearly different look from the traditional credit card will delight the Aquarian's sense of originality and inventiveness. The Aquarius card also brings some serious good will for the owner: it comes with triple bonus points on purchases, providing even more money for supporting whatever cause catches the Aquarian's fancy.

"Socks it to the Man"

The free-thinking Aquarian who tends to rebel against conventionality and authoritarianism will love owning a credit card that inherently "socks it to the Man," by helping out others in need, even while participating in the larger system. By giving to others just by buying what they need, the Aquarius is soothing any feelings of privileged guilt they are susceptible to, and saving themselves some in the process.

New Concepts

Since many Aquarians are such social butterflies, they are in particular need of having a good credit card ready at hand. And since they are also fascinated by the new and the original, their shopping and traveling experiences will constantly be changing and growing, and they need a card that makes sure they are able to indulge their pursuit of all that is intriguing and unique. The card itself will appeal to this sense of seeking out the original: the card's new and unique concept and design is right up the Aquarian's alley - or, more accurately, river.

Deviate from Standards

The Aquarian's need to deviate from the norm - even to the point of being shocking - makes it almost guaranteed that a credit card that both looks and works differently from the standard piece of plastic will be something they rush to sign up for.

Witty Repartee

Since one of the favorite pastimes for the Aquarius is to engage in witty repartee, having a card that will be an instant conversation starter is also a plus. Placing their new Aquarius credit card on the table to pick up the bill (their natural generosity almost guarantees they are regularly doing this) means they will be able to flex their verbal skills by describing the card, how it helps others, and what their personality is like. Any challenges to their humanitarian leanings demonstrated by the ownership of the card will give them the ideal opportunity to exercise their sometimes wicked tongue, and give them a chance to engage their significant wit, easily defeating any verbal opposition to their choices.

Fit In & Stand Out

Since the Aquarian is always going their own way, going with a brand new credit card concept and design is the very route they will want to follow. A credit card that also allows them to help others while helping themselves will also help to seal the deal, and will almost guarantee this naturally loyal astrological sign will remain a customer for years to come. While their uniqueness and originality may often leave the Aquarian feeling like a fish out of water in a huge commercially and selfishly driven world, this card enables them to both fit in and stand out—ultimately, an Aquarian's dream.

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