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25 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Gemini credit card
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How might a Gemini credit card look? Features & benefits. Gemini personality and a credit card.

Zodiac: Gemini The Twins
Symbol: Air
Planet: Mercury
Date: May 21 - June 20
GeminiCard Main Feature: Fixed & variable APRs

Black and white, yin and yang, polar opposites co-existing in one body. The Gemini possess an endless variety of traits and can be quite unpredictable. They are able to be both impulsive and indecisive at once, so what better to suit the needs of the Gemini than a credit card that is also a debit card, or two cards in one? The new Zodiac-based credit card is just such a union for a Gemini. They don't have to decide to go with either credit or debit up until the moment the card is being swiped, freeing them to exercise their continual changeability.

Two of Everything

The Gemini Zodiac credit card should also visually represent this astrological sign: it has the symbol or image symbolizing the twins. The card not only lets the Gemini choose which of the twins they want to be when it comes to deciding between credit and debit, it also allows them to choose whether their APR - fixed or variable - in each billing cycle. Additionally, the Gemini Zodiac card owner will receive both bonus points and miles with any and every purchase they make. Two of everything: the Gemini dream.

Variety & Independence

Since some of the chief characteristics of the Gemini include loving change and freedom - they are intensely independent - owning a card that gives them choices is a must. They refuse to be held back by convention and rules, and absolutely constantly exercise their right to change their minds and their plans. Flexibility in a credit card, therefore, is a must, and that is just what the Zodiac credit card should offer. Another Gemini characteristic that lends itself to making the Zodiac card the right credit card for them is their fear of boredom and need for excitement and need for endless variety. Having a card that varies month to month, just as the Gemini tends to vary each month with the lunar cycle is ideal.

Seeing, Doing, Buying

Because the Gemini is infused with both energy and vitality they are always out seeing, doing, and buying. They are never in one place for very long, and their tastes change as rapidly as their temperament. One day they may have long term savings goals in mind and vow to restrict spending - making a debit card of more use; the next, they decide a shopping spree is at hand, and may need a bit more time to pay off their purchases, necessitating a credit card. The Gemini is endlessly adaptable and needs a credit card that is able to adapt as well. The Zodiac credit card, with its flexibility designed just for the Gemini is just the thing they need on hand at all times.

Appeal: Flexibility

The spontaneity and quick mind of the Gemini means that they have limitless interests and hobbies. Therefore, they need a card that will allow them to engage in any of their current pursuits and allow them to name what sort of interest they want to pay on their purchases. Since their interests are so vast, they have countless friends, and are very good at persuading them to see things their way. The Gemini who owns a Zodiac credit card is sure to convince everyone they know that it is the very best way to go in terms of financial choices. After all, what fun is anything if you can't share it is the Gemini's motto.

Gemini: Twinned-Souled

The twinned-souled Gemini will have found their perfect mate in the new Zodiac credit card. The card's options, flexibility, and changeability are the perfect match for the always-fascinating, ever-changing Gemini.

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