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Scorpio Credit Card

26 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Scorpio credit card
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What a Scorpio credit card might look like? Scorpion personality and a credit card. Features. Benefits. Rewards.

Zodiac: Scorpio The Scorpion
Symbol: Water
Planet: Mars
Date: October 23 - November 21
ScorpioCard Main Feature: No late fees

Scorpios are independent, courageous, generous, and very optimistic. They are always doing things, moving, and trying to stand out. Their motto is "I will sleep when I am dead." As they are so enthusiastic and confident, they need a credit card specially designed for them -- a card that offers no credit limits. This is the perfect choice for someone who needs constant independence as Scorpio people do.

Special Qualities

These people express a sexy magnetism that is too hard to miss. Scorpios are people with special qualities: they are leaders, charismatic, independent, and convincing. So it is highly probable that they will convince their friends to get this new credit card too.


One of the weak points of Scorpio person is that they are very impulsive and they don't think before acting. This could represent a problem but it also means that they have a great advantage: they possess a credit card that doesn't restrict their buying impulse. And as they are very optimistic, they will never be dissatisfied with the product they have acquired. Their natural optimism will convince them that their new acquisition is the best of all. The Scorpio Card will hence nurture the impulse and bring out many things that were inside before.


Scorpio likes business and they are good at it. They never waste their time or let an opportunity slip by. This card should also offer a very useful option - "NumeroUno Bussiness Card," which will allow them to pursue any business they are interested in. And as Scorpio cannot stay without doing anything, they will certainly be involved in a lot of business and activities with their credit card. Thus a card that has no credit limits is ideal for them. They will take out their credit card to buy expensive gifts at the drop of the hat, for their near or dear ones and the Scorpio card with unlimited limit allows that.


Another characteristic of Scorpio is impulsivity. They don't want to spend much time doing in-depth research about the best interest rates, prices, discounts, etc. They don't have time for that and want things immediately. In that case, using their zodiac card is the best option because it offers unlimited spending; sky is the limit, no more worrying about mundane aspects. If a Scorpio wants to buy something, they simply take it. And since Scorpio is a very generous person, it is a fact that he/she will be using the card regularly in order to buy gifts and presents to family and friends. The Scorpio Card allows the person to spend to his will and power.

Inventive & Courageous

Scorpio love adventure, they are very energetic. Another characteristic is that they are very inventive and courageous. They are also confident and enthusiastic, sharp and quick-minded. And what is more, they possess a strong sense of urgency. Thinking of all these qualities and features, Scorpions also have to think about acquiring a credit card that allows them to buy different things immediately, offering, at the same time, unlimited spending and other important options. No doubt they need a Zodiac credit card, the best option for any Scorpio. No other card can offer more advantages than the Zodiac credit card. It is specially designed for Scorpio, people who like buying without having restricted limits.

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