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25 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Taurus credit card
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A credit card for Taurus - how might it look like? Benefits. Features. Taurus personality and a credit card.

Zodiac: Taurus The Bull
Symbol: Earth
Planet: Venus
Date: April 20 - May 20
TaurusCard Main feature: Low credit limit

The new Zodiac credit card designed for the astrological sign of Taurus should hit on all the right notes: it is simple, it is inexpensive, it isn't flashy, and has one of the lowest credit card limits there are. The Taurus is known as the most stubborn of all the Zodiac signs, and will rarely ever be found rushing out to lead the pack; instead, they are the ones ensuring the pack makes it home, and does so safely and securely. Because security, safety, and solidity are so valuable to the Taurus, the only credit card they would choose would be one that can guarantee these qualities they hold so dear.

Nothing Flashy, Nothing Obtrusive

The Taurus Zodiac card is visually designed to appeal to the nature of the Taurus: nothing flashy, nothing obtrusive. It has a simple bull's horn or Taurus image on a background of green, brown and yellow. The card's primary feature is that it has a low $250 credit limit - but what conservative and sensible self-respecting Taurus would ever need more? As a benefit of having such a low limit, the Taurus card should also come with 0% APR for 96 months and no annual fee. The perfect card for the stubborn, steady Taurus to have on hand - you know, just for emergencies. Plus, every time a Taurus actually does have to make a payment, they will receive a free coupon for an oil change and lube, music to the ears of the bull.

Stability and Security

Because the Taurus so dislikes change, the steady reliability of 96 months of no interest and no annual fee will be of enormous comfort. Also knowing that with such a low limit, even if the card is lost or stolen, they won't be out a significant amount of money - even though they are not fond of parting with any of their hard-earned cash. But don't get the impression that the Taurus is stingy; in fact, they revel in their surroundings and are usually found in well-decorated and spotless homes, and are willing to spend money -- albeit wisely - on the things that will bring peace to their solid, somewhat stern nature.

"Just-in-Case" Generosity

As an additional indicator that the Taurus is not a miser, their generosity toward and care of the ones they love. Because stability and security are so important to the Taurus, they will do anything to protect and care for the ones they love, and being able to give them a "just-in-case" credit card like the Zodiac Taurus card would make them feel more secure and comfortable. One of the secrets that a Taurus holds is how much they enjoy pampering; a credit card just for small luxuries would be ideal.

Appeal: Inexpensive, Low-limit

Since the Taurus has an immense fear of the unknown, they are in constant search of ways to protect themselves from unexpected events. And for the stubborn bull, admitting this fear would be nearly impossible; it is something they would want to take care of quietly and carefully, and keep their secure little secret to themselves. Getting an inexpensive, low-limit Zodiac card would definitely increase their ability to respond to the unexpected, and therefore provide that deeply-needed protection from the unknown.

Taurus: Strong and Quiet

The strong, quiet steadiness of the Taurus is their primary asset. They are infinitely dependable, responsible, and able to come through in a pinch. The Zodiac card designed for them capitalizes on these assets ideally. It provides a small amount of financial security at an even smaller financial cost, remains sure and steady for 96 months, and doesn't call attention to itself in its design. The steady bull will closely and carefully research all of their options, and then quietly select the card designed just for them: the Taurus Zodiac card.

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