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24 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Aries credit card
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How might an Aries credit card look? Benefits. Features. Aries personality and a credit card.

Zodiac: Aries The Ram
Symbol: Fire
Planet: Mars
Date: March 21-April 19
AriesCard Main Feature: No credit limit

The hard-charging, ram's headed Aries is an astrological sign of constant movement and unlimited expectations. How better to appeal to this sign than to offer a credit card that comes emblazoned with the Aries ram's head symbol and equipped with a no-spending limit? The card looks the part: the ram's head is prominent and clear, and the background is - of course - a red with yellow, capturing all the energy and momentum of this chief fire sign.

The Truth About Aries

Those born under the sign of Aries are optimistic, courageous, independent, and generous. They are always moving, always in the thick of things, always ramming up against the world in an attempt to imprint themselves upon it. Since they are limitless in their enthusiasm and confidence, they need a card that doesn't impose restricting boundaries upon them: one with no credit limits. After all, they may need to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro this weekend and fly to Napa the next. And since their very core is independence, having limits and rules is the quickest way to get an Aries to break their way away as quickly as possible.

Natural Leaders

The sign of Aries is considered the first in the Zodiac, so being the first to own a new astrologically-based credit card is sure to hold amazing appeal. They are also natural leaders - charismatic and convincing - so they will probably have all their friends and coworkers signing up for the new credit card as well. And since pride is one of their core traits, the Aries is sure to whip out their new credit card whenever possible and show it off for all to see.


One of the possible downsides to the Aries personality is a tendency to be impulsive and act before they think. While this may cause some social problems, it also means that having a credit card that doesn't limit their impulsive buying is a must. But even though their buying may be impulsive, they are unlikely to return their newfound purchases; their natural optimism and enthusiasm will simply help them reassure themselves that their newest toy was and is a great choice.

Good at Business

Aries are also naturally good at business, never sitting back and letting an opportunity slip by. The Aries credit card also comes with a "NumeroUno Business Card" option, which will enable the Aries to actively pursue whatever business they may be involved in or exploring at the time. And since the Aries can't stand boredom, it is a sure bet that they will be doing a lot of business and employment changes; whatever catches their fancy in the here and now is what they want and need, and they need a card that will not limit them in any way.

Appeal: No Limits, No Controls

Aries impulsivity also means that they don't like to take the time to do in-depth research into the best interest rates, options, limits, etc. They want the best there is and they want it now. So going with the Zodiac credit card would hold intense appeal: no limits, no controls, what you see is what you get… now moving on and moving out. And since Aries tend to be generous to a fault, there is an absolute guarantee that they will be using their card regularly to shower gifts and surprises on their families and friends.

Aries: the First

The ideal person to start the trend toward buying Zodiac credit cards and being the first is very important to any Aries, as they are well aware of. Therefore, as the Aries charges through life - literally and figuratively - they would find themselves best equipped with the new Zodiac astrologically-based credit card.

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