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Virgo credit card
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How might a Virgo credit card look? Benefits. Rewards. Virgo personality and a credit card.

Zodiac: Virgo The Virgin
Symbol: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Date: August 24 - September 22
VirgoCard Main Feature: 24 hour service & charitable rewards

Virgo is the only astrological sign that is represented as a creative, delicate and lovely female. She is depicted by a woman holding sheaves of wheat in her hand. This is a symbol of wisdom that has been reaped in the fields of experience.


A Virgo credit card brings an air of a pursuit for perfection. The bearer is idealistic and wants to improve things, is polite and has wonderful manners. Virgo people are very practical and adaptable, making it easy for them to carry a card and be able to understand the details of their credit card plans. They have an endless pursuit for perfection, so they should rarely be late on their monthly bill. Virgo is socially acceptable in conduct, speech and behavior. This may help them not spend over their credit limit. Virgos are very careful and calculative.

Health Conscious

Virgos are generally very health conscious. They do not like germs, so having a credit card over using cash that has passed through many dirty hands is probably the way they should go. Cards can be sanitized with an alcohol-based wet towel. This can help them stay healthy, especially the hypochondriac types. You might find them buying a gym membership or home-workout equipment. With the help of this zodiac credit card, they can stay in shape and be fit without much thought.

Best in Town

They dream of mastery and perfection. They can be proud and arrogant. If they are throwing a party it has to be the best in town, but not overdoing it. A simple and laid back party, but the details all have to be planned out beforehand. The party would only be for close friends and relatives, due to the fact that the host is probably shy and sensitive to how people think of them. They will probably have a healthy assortment of food since they like to stay healthy. With the help of the Virgo Card, they throw the most amazing and fun filled parties, not leaving a single guest unattended or hungry.


Being restless they like to stay busy at work or at home. They follow a schedule and stick to it. They enjoy hobbies and learning so you might just meet one at the local craft store, at a class or buying item with their zodiac credit card for their latest project.

Appeal: Generous & Attentive

If a Virgo gets a credit card they will need to have a 24 hour service number they can call. Restlessness is a popular trait of the Viragoes. They do not want to wait until business hours the next day or they will become restless. They can be offended easily so the customer service number needs to have nice people. Virgos like to be appreciated so having some kind of reward for money spent with the card would be a good idea. They like to treat themselves and indulge a little. Give them a chance to donate rewards to good causes; they like to help other people out. Their bill will have to include details on everything so they can be sure it is accurate; they like to be organized so an online bill statement might be the best. This makes them loyal credit customers as well.

Virgo: Dedicated & Helpful

They are kind and helpful souls. They are hard working and dedicated to whatever task that is put before them. They will do what it takes to get it done. Even if that means going out and using their Virgo credit card to finish a project that they have started.

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