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26 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Pisces credit card
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What a Pisces credit card might look like? Pisces personality and a credit card. Rewards. Features.

Zodiac: Pisces The Fishes
Symbol: Water
Planet: Neptune & Jupiter
Date: February 19 - March 20
PiscesCard Main Feature: Reward Points

Pisces has a calm, patient, and nice personality. They are sensitive to people's feelings, and have a special empathy towards others. They are very popular because they have an affable, affectionate and nice personality, and are very easy going. It is very unlikely to find a Pisces who defies authority, and in general, they accept established rules with no opposition. This peaceful aura has been kept in mind while designing the Pisces credit card, which is Sea green in colour, with fishes.

Restless Soldier

At work, Pisces seems to be a restless soldier, and will work with effortlessly to achieve his goals, especially when occupying low rank positions. Pisces are not good managers, because they usually lack the strong personality and self assurance required. His credit card is always is at hand, to spoil the beloved ones with a surprise gift or attention. This makes Pisces Card an ideal accessory for a Piscean.


Pisces often make excellent attorneys, architects, travelers, artists, priests. It is a fact that the Fish has a great sense of solidarity and enjoys working for noble causes, such as non-profit organizations. They are not very flamboyant, but they are good spenders. The Pisces card helps them spend their hard earned money leisurely and easily.


Pisces has a wild imagination, and enjoys traveling to exotic places. You will rarely find a Pisces to visit the same place on two consecutive travels. Camping and hitchhiking are not conceived for this sign. Pisces idea of amusement is to lodge in a fine hotel, where all his needs are properly taken care of. Money should not be a problem, so a Pisces best friend is usually his credit card. Sea green is definitely one of Pisces' favorite colors. Hence, nothing better to them than to have their own credit card, flavored with these special colors. Vacationing becomes easy with a Pieces Card.

Sense of Beauty

Pisces have a great sense of beauty and often has a special eye for aesthetics. They have that special gift of finding beauty in everything they look at, and they embody the concept that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". So, it would not be rear to find artists and photographers born under this sign. Pisces enjoy having the freedom to buy whatever they please, so a personal credit card that will suit their nature is more than necessary to them.


Pisces are one of the most elusive zodiac signs. Their personality is very hard to pin point. One thing can be said for sure, if they are taken off the water, their natural element, they wither and die. So, if the objective is to captivate them, their potential partners should never threaten their independence. Being bossy and demanding is the perfect equation to lose them forever.


One of the most interesting characteristics of the Pisces is their intuition. If there is a sign that can be trusted with regards to their intuition and gut feeling, it is the Fish. Once they speak, they must be listened, since on very rare occasions will they be wrong. Because of this psychic characteristic, Pisces is often regarded as the sign of mysticism, and spiritual power. Their ability to listen to people also contributes to their great understanding of the human soul. This makes Pisceans very trustworthy and reliable with credit. The plus point of the Pisces Card is that you get reward points as well.

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