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25 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Leo credit card
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How can a Leo credit card look? Benefits. Features. Services. Leo personality and a credit card.

Zodiac: Leo The Lion
Symbol: Fire
Planet: Sun
Date: July 23 - August 23
LeoCard Main Feature: Concierge service

The new Zodiac credit card is the perfect choice for the astrological sign Leo, King of the Zodiac. The regal lion will graciously accept the benefits available with this new card, including the exclusive "StaffBuffer," a complete concierge service. Also, the ability to collect additional cards to be dispersed amongst the Leo's heirs is sure to feel like the royal treatment. The card itself is emblazoned with a gold lion on a ruby surface - the colors of kings.

Confidence, Ambition, Loyalty

Core amongst the Leo's traits are their confidence, ambition, and loyalty. They are truly rulers of their own domain, and have the charisma and ability to enforce that rule. As such, they do expect to be given the royal treatment, so a Zodiac credit card that gives them access to the best concierge service is the ideal fit for them. Leos are also generous to a fault, so chances are their Zodiac card will get regular, healthy workouts.

King of the Jungle

Leos tend to both demand and desire the very best of everything - and as King of the Jungle, don't they deserve it? They also like to be recognized and admired, and because of their energy, wit, and natural charm, this is not hard for them to accomplish. Once they have the attention of others they would never dream of not lavishing their good will and their gold upon them, or provide for their every need and desire. Therefore, the Leo is in need of a constant concierge in order to facilitate their royal plans and take care of their loyal subjects.

Generous & Kind

Because this fire sign is a flaming ball of energy and always on the go, the Leo needs someone to be ready to help meet their needs wherever they may end up. And because they are so generous and kind - as long as they are not betrayed or challenged, that is - they feel an almost compulsive need toward giving to those they love and cherish. They will fluff up their magnificent mane and purr with delight whenever they have succeeded in pleasing a loved one, and will bask in the gratitude and praise that is heaped upon them. Having the ability to pay for gifts and provide services is a wonderful way for them to be able to access this much needed praise and thanks.

Appeal: Power

The Leo's tastes run toward the finer things in life, and they revel in the ability to display both their taste and their power. The Zodiac card is a handsome credit card that loudly roars out its owners' symbolism, while also functioning to provide the Leo card holder with the power to do most anything at any time. Concierge service hearkens back to days of old, when royalty were pampered and coddled by quiet and obedient servants, and being able to replicate this age even somewhat will entrance the royal Leo.

Leo: Appear Kingly

Because one of the Leo's (very) secret insecurities is that they deeply need to be needed, having both the financial ability to purchase whatever their cubs may need is deeply reassuring, making the Zodiac credit card a royal safety blanket. And, with the concierge service, the Leo knows that they can always find someone somewhere to take care of the needs of those they love, even when the Leo is not able to do so at that immediate moment. Basically, the Leo needs to be able to appear kingly: commanding, in control, generous, protective. The Zodiac card is the ideal way to ensure that this is exactly how the Leo is perceived. The magnificent Leo will revel in their Zodiac credit card and in the royal treatment it affords them.

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