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26 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Libra credit card
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What a Virgo credit card might look like? Libra personality and a credit card.

Zodiac: Libra The Scales
Symbol: Air
Planet: Venus
Date: September 24 - October 22
LibraCard Main Feature: High limit

Libra is the only zodiac symbol that is not represented by an animal or a human-being. Libra is usually depicted by an old set of scales used in trading; Libra was used for the name for a weight in the Ancient Roman culture. This shows that they strive for balance and equilibrium. This is the reason behind the graphic of scales on the Libra credit card. They are fair to others and do not like to play tricks on them. If the Libra's had a motto it might sound like, "To every action may there be an opposite and equal reaction." Their inner nature is ruled by the Sun. They often fall for flattery because they love getting admired for their charm and good taste.

The Truth

Libra people really like to have a good personal appearance, especially with hair, nice colors and the way they walk. They like the colors ivory, pink, rose, turquoise and blue. Libras tend to be frivolous but like the finer side of things, especially when it comes to decorating home. One of their worst qualities is spending money, so the credit card should have a high limit. The libra credit card is hence devised such that it has a maximum spending limit of a stipulated amount. Hence the Libra Card should make sure that Librans have a jolly time, but do not go over the top.

Socially Active

They like to live in the moment so they may use their Libra credit card to indulge on an expensive meal or go on vacation to a luxurious resort. They are socially active so they might be seen in clubs, a party or belong to a group of people that hang out and have fun. In pairs they epitomize balance, harmony and fair play. To enjoy all these, a Libran should own a special Libra Card. This would make sure that their expenses are not over the top and yet there is not stop to their fun.


They also like elegance so you may see them use their Libra Card at the box office to purchase tickets for an opera, play or some type of theatrical performance.

Outdoor Type

They like the outdoors, especially horseback riding and riding bikes. They might take a nice walk on the beach or seek out a nice walking trail in the woods or take up mountain climbing with a group. You might find them playing a game of chess or enjoying a nice skate around an outdoor skating rink.


They have a weakness for rich foods and sugar so they might have to take up some nice aerobics because even though they detest physical exercise they want to stay looking good. To be able to indulge in every luxury, it is a must for every Libran to own a special Libra Card. It makes life simpler and relives one of the worries of carrying cash and making payments in emergencies.


They desire peace and wellness for all so they might be using their Libra credit card to purchase items to help people who are in need. A Libra would manage it with grace and charm and enjoy helping others that are in need of help. They can sense when someone wants something before they even ask. Librans endeavour to make others more important than themselves. Hence a Libra Card would simplify a Librans life to a great extent.

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