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Cancer Credit Card

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Cancer credit card
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How may a Cancer credit card look and feel like? Cancer personality and a credit card.

Zodiac: Cancer The Crab/Lobster
Symbol: Water
Planet: Moon
Date: June 21 - July 22
CancerCard Main feature: Use at home

The Cancer sign is depicted by the crab. A crab has a shell, making those born under the Cancer sign, self-protective and sensitive. The Cancer credit card depicts a crab/lobster as well. It is pearl white blue in colour with silhouette rendering of a lobster depicting the zodiac sign. A person who is a Cancerian will always use this credit card very wisely as per his nature.


They dislike confrontation but are very loyal. This makes sure that they will be loyal and fair customers and will use their credit card judiciously. They can be creatures of habit. You would probably find them in a nice quiet diner in town, that they would eat often with their family and close friends. You have the ability to nurture others.


People of this birth sign give much without asking for things in return. If you are repaid you gracefully accept what is offered to you. This quality makes it ideal for them to use their Cancer card; it helps them to maintain their accounts well. Tears and laughter are commonly part of their daily life. Cancerians who do not live in their home will always want to get back.


You enjoy archaic languages, ancient languages like Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Hieroglyphs. You like old things like antiques - things of yesteryear - things of old. You are fascinated with things that have a story behind them like keepsakes and souvenirs form vacations or important people in their life. You can collect antiques and learn various languages with the help of this card. It hence will help you achieve your dreams.

Good in Business

You are a good business and marketing person and you understand finances. You look to the future and plan for it financially. You are a natural when it comes to being diplomatic and know when it is time to be silent. You can speak out when it is deemed necessary if it means that you have to stand up for someone or defend another person.

Sport Enthusiast

You enjoy team sports, like sailing, and other water activities. You like to go ice skating and skiing. Crabs are even are bold enough to go mountain climbing! Diet is important to you and exercise is a must for longevity. Now you can go vacationing with the help of your own Cancer credit card.


When it comes to the arts, Crabs are very creative and enjoy using the imagination. You use art as an outlet for your emotions and you are great at music, whether it be writing or playing. You can make for an excellent writer. You would rather use your emotions for good than eat a lot of food or develop destructive habits. Those born under the Cancer sign would make good psychics, for they enjoy a good mystery.

If a Cancer has a Card

If Cancer had its own credit card it might have a crab pictured on it with a nice scene of the ocean. Cancer likes water so maybe a card could have a boat on it or fishing. You have a need to be encouraged and like people to be appreciative of what you do. The emotional side likes to be valued by others or depression and self-pity may set in. You can be hurt by what people say or think of you if it at all negative, something that hurts you.

Hence a Cancer credit card will make your life much simpler and give you the opportunity to live your life to the fullest. However, you prefer to use your card from home and thus stay safe and secure.

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